My resume coaching services:

  • Creating a resume or cover letter from scratch
  • Comprehensive feedback, proofreading and advice on resumes and cover letters
  • Interview preparation and practice
  • Advice for a focussed and efficient job search
  • Tips on optimizing your LinkedIn profile

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Overview of Services


I will coach you every step of the way through the resume writing process. Starting with a consultation over the phone or Zoom, we’ll review your work history and discuss what roles you’re looking for. Over the next week or two, we’ll build your resume to industry standards and polish it up.

For your existing resume, I’ll provide advice, detailed feedback, written tips and instructions to refer back to, templates, and proofreading.

Whether you’re creating a resume from scratch or updating your existing one, you’ll come away with a document you’re happy with and that will set you ahead of the competition.

Cover Letters

A well-crafted cover letter can be the difference between the ‘yes’ and the ‘maybe’ pile. Using the job specification for the role you’re after, I’ll take you through the building blocks of a quality cover letter. Through two rounds of edits, I’ll help you hone a well written and persuasive cover letter.

If you’re looking for help with an existing cover letter, I can provide comprehensive written feedback, tips, and proofreading.

Interview Preparation

I’ll take you through the most common interview questions and the specific requirements for your prospective job. We’ll sketch out your answers and run a mock interview so you can rehearse your answers and work through interview nerves. Focussing on any specific areas you’re concerned about, I’ll help you boost your confidence and ensure you feel optimistic about your interview.

By the end of your resume coaching session, you’ll have the tools to succeed at your job search.

Because finding your next step can be sticky….

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