I Believe in Sheep

Tallying up Tallawarra

Days: 60

Bee stings: 3

Bee Hives: Stopped counting at 20

Electrocutions: 1

Sheep Sheared: 1000

Times I wished the shearers were good looking: Every time I looked up from sorting wool.

Emergency leg splints performed on sheep: 1

Fish caught out of the river: 5

Serenades from the shower frogs while I was washing my hair: 1


On sheep:

An excerpt from “Our Tragic Universe” by Scarlett Thomas

“‘A biologist, a mathematician, a physicist and a philosopher are on a train in Scotland. They see a black sheep from a train window. The biologist says, “All sheep in Scotland are black!” The physicist says, “You can’t generalize like that. But we know at least one sheep in Scotland in black.” The mathematician strokes his beard and says, “All we can really say is that one side of one sheep in Scotland is black.” The philosopher looks out of the window, thinks about it all for a while and says, “I don’t believe in sheep.’

[..] Rowan laughed. ‘I like that. I like sheep. I believe in them.’

‘Did you know they can remember human faces for ten years, and recognize photographs of individual people?’

‘So when they fix you with that stupid look they’re actually memorizing you…'”

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