30 Things to do Before I Turn 30


Last New Year’s I did something I haven’t done since junior high: made actual resolutions, albeit silly ones. I decided that I would ride a camel and an elephant before the year was up. And I did. Not to get all secret-y or anything, because, ugh – but I think actually writing down the goals and sharing them with others, did help me reach them.

I am a compulsive list maker – there’s nothing like the satisfaction of crossing something off of an illegible list – so I suppose it was only a matter of time before I made some sort of bucket list. And now is a good a time as any: my life has recently undergone a bit of a rearrangement and I’m in the process of making new plans and dusting off old, semi-forgotten ones. I think creating a bunch of little goals, even silly or inconsequential ones, would lay the ground work for moving towards my bigger goals. It’s like doing a head stand in yoga – the instructor spends all class building up to it with smaller, incremental postures, so that by the time you actually have to do the head stand, your muscles are ready and it’s easier than you thought it was going to be. And besides, I’m really excited for my 30th birthday.

I digress. Point is, I’m making a list of 30 things I’d like to do before I turn 30 in September, and keeping track of my progress along the way. It’s going to be a great year.

1. Spend my 30th birthday in India.

2. Read Moby Dick – I’ve started this book about five times, and always enjoyed the beginning, but invariably got distracted and forgot about it. Time to follow through.

3. Be able to do the side plank pose in yoga. When I attempt this one now, I look like a noodle that’s being electrocuted.

4. Visit the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington, Alberta. This needs no explanation – who wouldn’t want to see a museum dedicated to gophers?

5. Watch the Shawshank Redemption – I always catch it when someone finds out I’ve never seen this movie.

6. Visit the Trekkie town of Vulcan, Alberta – this is part of my endeavour to explore more of my own province, and country. There are some pretty fantastic tourist attractions around here.

7. Cultivate a regular yoga practice for the whole year.

8. Make a snowman. May as well make the most of this Canadian winter. And besides, kid stuff is cool now, right?

9. Write one essay/blog post a week.

10. Learn the basics in another language. Hindi, probably, as I’m angling to travel to India next.

11. Charity work: working on a fundraising trek in Kyrgyzstan for my friend’s charity projects.

12. Learn and cook three new recipes.

13. Purge and get rid of all my non-essential stuff again before I leave. It was awesome the first time. 

14. Go on a fun quirky date like this one.

15. Send a real letter. Eschew the email and Facebook for a bit and write an old fashioned letter to a friend.

16. Volunteer for something

17. Something that scares me. TBD.

18. Plan my trip to India: I’ve never properly planned a trip before – beyond the flights and maybe the initial hostel booking – I always go by the seat of my pants; I think it’d be good to try a new strategy.

19. Something physically adventurous. TBD. (not sky diving or bungee jumping; too cliche for bucket lists and I have little desire to do either).

20. Paint and/or draw something. I used to draw (badly) and paint really crappy watercolors, but I haven’t painted or drawn anything in years.

21. Host a dinner party. 

22. Write something fiction. I also haven’t written anything fiction in years, either- I’ve focused on non-fiction/essays/rambling blog posts. It’d be good to stretch my creative muscles in different directions.

23. Random act(s) of kindness. 

24. Save money. Get my bank account to a good enough place to be able to do the trek in Kyrgyzstan and travel through India a while.

25. Learn something about photography. 

26. Travel to Halifax, or thereabouts – I’ve never seen the East Coast of Canada before.

27. Take a spontaneous road trip. 

28. Start a DIY project(s).

29. Do a cleanse. Nothing crazy like the master cleanse, but I’ve always been curious.

30. Enroll in a yoga course in India.

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