Ahead of the launch of my travel memoir, which is coming out in July 2019, I did an interview with Thrifty Critic. Except and link below.


girl looking down wearing alpaca sweater in a hotel room in peru1914293_183365235860_5849824_n

Tell us about your book!  

My book is a collection of true travel stories spanning ten years and six continents. I think the most interesting and entertaining travel stories are the ones where something goes wrong or plans go off the rails or something really weird happens. Anything that makes a trip more difficult or uncomfortable or absurd is usually a great story afterwards, in hindsight. So, this book centres around the best worst things that have happened to me on the road, like: the time I got into a fight with a donkey in the middle of the night in the Kyrgyz mountains; living on an Australian farm in a house full of bees; failing at hitchhiking in Chile, getting lost inside a cave in Lao; an almost terminally boring bird watching tour in India, and lots more.

What prompted you to write it?

Writing a book has been on my to-do list for a really long time – I told my kindergarten teacher that I wanted to be an author when I grew up. And I wrote about travel because it was easier than coming up with fictional stories. Travel is such a great subject because it puts you into these bizarre and incredible and hilarious situations; it basically writes itself. I also gravitate towards weird situations so that I can tell stories about them and, hopefully, entertain people and make them feel good about their own life choices.

Read the whole thing here: https://thriftycritic.com/post/185431623104/five-questions-withtravel-writer-jamie-phillips

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