girl looking out over river valley near machu pichu
Throwback to the journey to Machu Picchu; young me looking wistfully at a tree


I’m a storytelling nerd, and my favourite stories to tell are true ones.

Storytelling is powerful, primal human behaviour. We create our histories and belief systems and make sense of our lives through stories. A well-told story can reveal something true about the world, about other people, about yourself.

For over a decade, on and off, I’ve been travelling the world and telling stories about my experiences. I started my first blog in 2009, as a way to get out of writing my family and friends separate emails about what shenanigans I was getting into in South America. I liked blogging so much, I dragged my laptop from South America to Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Europe, the United Kingdom, Central America and Africa.

I’ve written articles for Frost Writing, Reach to Teach: Teaching Adventures Abroad, The Lemon Life, Honest Blue & True Blue Magazine, the Calgary SPCA newsletter and a long, long time ago, even a newspaper.

I’m currently co-writing a blog about bees with my friend Alyssa, so if you want to learn cool things about bees, check us out over at

My travel memoir will be published by Garreteer Press in summer 2019. Watch this space!

world map highlighting the countries I've been to
Map of the Countries I’ve Visited


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