Existential Migration

Today’s article is written for the Reach To Teach Teach Abroad Blog Carnival, a monthly series that focuses on providing helpful tips and advice to ESL teachers around the globe.The host for this month is Sharon Couzens. I’ll be posting a new ESL related article to this blog on the 5th of every month. Check back forContinue reading “Existential Migration”

The India Diaries: New Beginnings

…trips do not begin or end, they merely change form”  ~ Robyn Davidson Last week in India. Every situation I encountered became a microcosm of India in my mind, little snippets of time and absurdity that perfectly encapsulated my experience of the country… * A Varanasi alleyway at night. A cow thrusts her matted blackContinue reading “The India Diaries: New Beginnings”

The India Diaries: The Art of Dying

Varanasi is the holiest of seven holy Hindu cities in India. It is where Shiva and Parvati stood when time began ticking. When I asked the family with whom I was sharing a sleeper bunk on the train from Amritsar to help me get off at the right stop, the man said, “Banaras? Next stop!”Continue reading “The India Diaries: The Art of Dying”

The India Diaries: Dharamsala

I left Rishikesh in a state of bitter-sweet happiness. While it was sad to say goodbye to the place and people that had been my home-on-the-road for six weeks and where I’d learned so much about myself, yoga and life, I was overflowing with gratitude for the experience. And I was excited to get onContinue reading “The India Diaries: Dharamsala”

The India Diaries: The Dalai Lama talks to Mongolians

“We are all the same. We don’t want suffering; we all want happiness.” — HH the Dalai Lama There seems to me a natural progression in backpacking. In the beginning, we want to see everything, go everywhere, have every (positive) experience. This is both great fun and completely exhausting. I’ve reached the stage where IContinue reading “The India Diaries: The Dalai Lama talks to Mongolians”

The India Diaries: A Camel Safari in Pushkar

Pushkar I extended my Golden Triangle trip to include two days in the holy desert city of Pushkar. It was a short drive from Jaipur, only about four or five hours; the last hour or so of which was on a narrow one lane road that twisted through farmlands and low mountains. Pushkar was notContinue reading “The India Diaries: A Camel Safari in Pushkar”

The India Diaries: The Perfect Bad Day

Agra to Jaipur I hired a private car and driver in Delhi to do the Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur). Hiring a car in India means hiring a driver too — the traffic is just too bonkers to drive yourself. While I’m not usually one to travel flashy like that, it was the bestContinue reading “The India Diaries: The Perfect Bad Day”

Things You Learn at Yoga Teacher Training in India

When you just sit in silence the wind blows through you the sun shines in you and you realize you are not your body, you are everything. ~ Anita Krizzan Waking up at 5:30 am every morning for tea and neti pot does not get any easier (for those of us who are not morningContinue reading “Things You Learn at Yoga Teacher Training in India”

Ten Things I Love About Rishikesh

Rishikesh is a magical place. About 250 km north of Delhi (or a 4 to 10 hour drive, depending on traffic and the road conditions), in the state of Uttarakhand, a cluster of small towns line the Ganges river at the foothills of the Himalayas. It’s a holy city, the cradle of yoga — yoga studios,Continue reading “Ten Things I Love About Rishikesh”

The India Diaries: Get Thee to a Nunnery

Someone once told me that India will teach you what you need to know. Maybe not what you want to learn (no one wants to learn what happens when you eat dodgy curry, but it’s definitely in the syllabus), but what you need to. It’s almost as though when you fill out the visa application,Continue reading “The India Diaries: Get Thee to a Nunnery”