Client Reviews

“Jamie was brilliant, I couldn’t have asked for better coaching! I gave Jamie my CV and she really helped me to understand how it could be better and what employers were looking for. I recently applied for a job armed with this new knowledge and I’m convinced that Jamie’s professional guidance is what pushed me to succeed. I couldn’t be more grateful!”

Programme Support Officer

“I came to Jamie with a question of how I could improve my CV, and she delivered! I got a well thought-out template to fill in all my experience. Then I got a detailed step-by-step coaching on how to improve the text. Everything from which education to highlight to improving the layout. Greatly recommend! Thank you, Jamie.”

Gender Consultant

“I really enjoyed working with Jamie. She’s very professional, very patient and knows her trade. I actually liked the CV I developed under her guidance, but I got more than a CV. I highly recommend Jamie.”

Systems, Operations & Finance Director

“Worth it. Jamie’s resume coaching is just what I needed to polish up my resume! She gives really clear feedback and has a great eye for detail that even put this grammarist to shame. Whether you’re looking for your 1st, 12th or 25th job, switching industries or job hunting in another country, Jamie’s international work experience really gives her a keen sense of what employers are looking for.”

Communications Advisor

“I approached Jamie to help review my CV and cover letter and she was a great help to me. She was very responsive and supportive throughout and helped me to produce a much better CV that reflects my expertise. She didn’t rush the work and took extra miles to accommodate my short notice and my requests. Moreover, I have learned so much about CV writing from her feedback and guidance notes she provided which I can use in the future to tailor my CV and cover letter. I can’t recommend Jamie enough.”

International Development Professional

“Jamie packages her advice in digestible, unpretentious and sometimes humorous written communication. Her “cheat sheet” of feedback is great for referring back to anytime, extending the value of her service. She pulls out skills and talents from the information that is provided to her and points it out to you in a very encouraging way.”

Barista Team Lead

“Jamie’s interview preparation session helped me identify ways to play to my strengths and how to handle questions about which I felt less certain. She prepared me not only for HR-types of questions, but also for technical questions targeted in the job posting. Her expertise in recruiting helped to focus the practice on what employers are seeking. I definitely felt ready for my interview after our session.”


“Patient and knowledgeable!  She helped me get a stellar resume together in just a few hours. Couldn’t have landed the job without her!”

Sales, Delivery and Merchandising

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