The A Bee C’s

Human beings and honey bees have been in a relationship for thousands of years. People started collecting honey from wild bees over ten thousand years ago, and the Egyptians domesticated bees around 4,500 years ago.

How to Write a CV

Welcome to CV 101! Let me take you through a step by step guide to constructing a CV that is a cogent and appealing representation of your career path.

Roots & Wings

People living abroad are now the equivalent of the fifth largest nation in the world. The concept of home, then, as it must, becomes transient, too; it is no longer a brick and mortar structure or a flag stuck in the dirt. Rather, we carry it within us and it evolves as we do.

Five Inspirational Organisations

There is no one recipe to improve the lives of others, no perfect alchemy of the right conditions, the right kind of experience or academic background necessary to effect real change in the world. Sometimes a single event can lead to a movement that spreads globally and has a deep social impact.