Adventure Time: Hiking the Silk Road for Charity

It’s *almost* adventure-time — I’ve been saving up my penniesĀ and in two short months, I’m hitting the road again! This time, I’m going to Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, India, and the U.K…   It all started in 2009, when I met Roisin in Bolivia. We traveled together for a few weeks, through the red and gold cowboyContinue reading “Adventure Time: Hiking the Silk Road for Charity”

I am a Mountain Goat

Adventure tourism in Laos has its mecca in Vang Vieng – where you can tube down the Mekong river while drinking yourself silly at the bars that line the river banks (many people die every year as a result of mixing intoxication, stupidity and water), and there are more caves waiting to be spe-lunked thanContinue reading “I am a Mountain Goat”