The India Diaries: New Beginnings

…trips do not begin or end, they merely change form”  ~ Robyn Davidson Last week in India. Every situation I encountered became a microcosm of India in my mind, little snippets of time and absurdity that perfectly encapsulated my experience of the country… * A Varanasi alleyway at night. A cow thrusts her matted blackContinue reading “The India Diaries: New Beginnings”

The India Diaries: Mumbai

My idea of travel planning is reading fiction from whichever country I’m going to, and for no other place was I as well prepared as I was for India. For years I’ve devoured books about India. The whole reason I wanted to come to India in the first place is a book I read thatContinue reading “The India Diaries: Mumbai”


After months of planning, lots of list making and organizing, I’m finally packed and ready to get on the plane tomorrow! On a scale from 1 to 10 of how excited I am, I’d say I’m at about 4000. While it’s hard to say goodbye to my life in Canada, it also feels a littleContinue reading “Gratitude”

How to Get Ready for a Long Trip

Leave the actual packing until the last minute. You will be a hundred times more efficient with the time constraint. Except for vaccines. You’ll want to get to the travel clinic at least a month before you go. Your arms may feel like pin cushions but afterwards you’ll be invincible. (Science fact!) If you’re goingContinue reading “How to Get Ready for a Long Trip”

Hostel Crimes

Martha Gellhorn said, in Travels with Myself and Another, that the root of any horror journey is boredom. I’ve had my share of horror journeys, and I can say with authority that the most execrable part of being stranded in the outback after a car crash is the hours of walking to get home. ButContinue reading “Hostel Crimes”

Things I’ll Miss About Home

With my flight to London fast approaching, I’m busy preparing for my trip, i.e. making to-do lists, double checking that none of my flights are passing over Ukraine, and carrying around unopened guide books (I’ve had a guidebook for India sitting on my bedside table for months, but I read Shantaram instead — which is, at least,Continue reading “Things I’ll Miss About Home”

Adventure Time: Hiking the Silk Road for Charity

It’s *almost* adventure-time — I’ve been saving up my pennies and in two short months, I’m hitting the road again! This time, I’m going to Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, India, and the U.K…   It all started in 2009, when I met Roisin in Bolivia. We traveled together for a few weeks, through the red and gold cowboyContinue reading “Adventure Time: Hiking the Silk Road for Charity”

Teaching English: Hybrid Moments

Today’s article is written for the Reach To Teach Teach Abroad Blog Carnival, a monthly series that focuses on providing helpful tips and advice to ESL teachers around the globe. I’ll be posting a new ESL related article on my blog on the 5th of every month. Check back for more articles, and if you’d likeContinue reading “Teaching English: Hybrid Moments”

Meeting People Abroad

  Today’s article is written for the Reach To Teach Teach Abroad Blog Carnival, a monthly series that focuses on providing helpful tips and advice to ESL teachers around the globe. The host for this month is Reach to Teach, here you can find other similar articles. I’ll be posting a new ESL related article toContinue reading “Meeting People Abroad”

Snippets of Sydney

Overheard in Kings Cross My last week in Australia – after nearly two years spent traveling and working around the country – I spent in Sydney. It’s a great city; beautiful, vibrantly thronging with people from all over the world, and there is so much to do and see. I stayed in a hostel inContinue reading “Snippets of Sydney”