Istanbul Roisin and I arrived in Istanbul on the last Wednesday in August. It was hot and muggy, sea salt in the air, and the noise was palpable; everywhere there were Turkish men yelling at each other (well, just conversing but the Turkish language is a passionate one). As a reward for our big trekContinue reading “Turkey”


After months of planning, lots of list making and organizing, I’m finally packed and ready to get on the plane tomorrow! On a scale from 1 to 10 of how excited I am, I’d say I’m at about 4000. While it’s hard to say goodbye to my life in Canada, it also feels a littleContinue reading “Gratitude”

Roots & Wings

Putting down roots so that they may spread their wings Part Two: The Karakol Projects The driving force behind the six-day hike we did in the Northern Himalayas, along part of the Silk Road, was to raise funds for the Roots & Wings projects in Karakol. We are thrilled to have raised over $51,000. Once again,Continue reading “Roots & Wings”

Things I’ll Miss About Home

With my flight to London fast approaching, I’m busy preparing for my trip, i.e. making to-do lists, double checking that none of my flights are passing over Ukraine, and carrying around unopened guide books (I’ve had a guidebook for India sitting on my bedside table for months, but I read Shantaram instead — which is, at least,Continue reading “Things I’ll Miss About Home”

Adventure Time: Hiking the Silk Road for Charity

It’s *almost* adventure-time — I’ve been saving up my pennies and in two short months, I’m hitting the road again! This time, I’m going to Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, India, and the U.K…   It all started in 2009, when I met Roisin in Bolivia. We traveled together for a few weeks, through the red and gold cowboyContinue reading “Adventure Time: Hiking the Silk Road for Charity”